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Cute Christmas Penguin 17oz Skinny Latte Mug, Christmas Mug, Christmas Gift, Penguin Latte Mug

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Everyone loves a beautiful dining table and kitchen accessories, our range of kitchenware is just the answer you are looking for. Our custom designs on coasters, mugs ,glass cutting boards and pan stands are the perfect accessories to any household. A custom designed and custom made gift package can make the perfect gift for yourself or as a Housewarming, Wedding, Christmas, Birthday, or Mother's Day gift. We don't have a factory full of ready made products, each item we sell is made to order just for you.

This scratch resistant Mug has a high gloss finish and is made from the very best quality ceramic. Not just a tea or coffee cup, but a great gift for any occasion. Hand Decorated in our Aberdeenshire Studio

Images are produced using Photoshop technology and printed using Epson Subliminal printing technology giving true depth of colour and almost HD quality prints.

All Skinny Latte mugs weigh approx 17 oz and are DISHWASHER and MICROWAVE safe, scratch and fade resistant. Handmade in Aberdeen Scotland


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All our products are handcrafted using an image transfer dye process that places special inks onto the products leaving a permanent image which will not peel or scratch off. Different products can vary in boldness of colours and all display a clear print. Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on the website/phone and other devices will exactly match the colour on the product. We strive to achieve the desired colours, but some variations can change beyond our control.